Ride Info
June 5-7, 2015

The Lake Erie Loop (LEL) is a fundraising event to benefit the "Aluminum
Cans for Burned Children" Foundation (ACBC). ACBC provides many services for
pediatric burn victims, mostly through the donation of discarded aluminum cans.
The foundation provides medical supplies including special bandaging
materials needed for the care of burns, a scholarship fund and a summer and
winter camp, all at no cost to the children or their families. The "Learn Not
to Burn Trailer" is another feature of ACBC. This adolescent sized two story
house trailer visits elementary schools in North East Ohio to teach young
students about burn safety in their own homes.
Raising additional cash for ACBC through motorsports was started in 2003
when Brookpark, Ohio firefighter Bill Murar, an avid motorcycle enthusiast,
rode over 12,000 miles to the four corners of the United States, many of them
on a 1965 Sears 106SS motorcycle. Bill is continuing his fundraising efforts
in 2014 by sponsoring the Lake Erie Loop, a 650 mile endurance run around the
lake to be completed in one day.
There will be two distinct groups involved in this event; under 225cc
bikes that will be competing for cash prizes and unlimited size bikes riding  
along for fun. For the smaller bikes, this will be an all out endurance run to
see who can complete the trip in the shortest amount of time.
The bikes will be divided into four classes;
=Unlimited 50's - if it started life as a 50cc it's eligible and vintage bikes
up to 110cc.
=125's - up to 125cc and vintage bikes up to 160cc.
=200's - up to 200cc, any Cushman style scooter with a stock based motor (no
Cushman hybrids) and vintage bikes up to 225cc.
=Moped Class. It MUST have pedals.
=Tourist class - any size, any bike. There will be no authorized competition
in this class, it's a fun run only.
*** Vintage bikes will be bikes 30 years old and older, or "like" models.
The cash prize for the each of the three smaller classes will be a 50/50
payout of the entry fees. Entry fees are $50 for the small bike class and $25
for the Tourist Class. I.E., if 20 bikes enter the 125 class there will be
$1,000 paid in entry fees, $500 (a 50/50 split) would go back to the class as
a cash prize. The $500 would be paid out to the top three riders with the
first place rider getting 65% of the purse ($325), the second place rider
getting 25% of the purse ($125) and the third place rider getting 10% ($50).
The LEL is a three day affair that will begin and end in Wellington,
Ohio. On Friday, June 20th we'll gather at the Clare-Mar Lakes Campground,
Saturday morning we'll head out around the lake and Sunday we'll hand out the
awards. There is no official route, all we ask is that every rider leave
Wellington, go through Detroit, across Canada into Buffalo, then come back to
Wellington. You pick your own route, ride safely at your own pace and return
as quickly as possible. There will be a few checkpoints along the way. The
location of these checkpoints will be revealed just prior to departure to help
ensure fair play amongst the riders.
All participants must have a motorcycle endorsement if one is required in
your state or province. Wearing of helmets is encouraged and is mandatory in
many of the areas we will be riding and proof of insurance must be provided. A  
passport will be required at the border crossings between the US and Canada.
Failure to bring a passport may bring very long delays. All motorcycles and
scooters must have working headlights, taillights, brake lights and horns. All
riders will be required to sign a waiver release form prior to the ride.