This is a listing from the local phone book of all the places to stay
within a 10 mile radius Clare-Mar Lakes Campground. While I'd like
to have everyone stay at Clare Mar Lakes Campgrounds, I realize
that not everyone likes to camp So, here's the short list.

Clare-Mar Lakes Campground
47571 New London Eastern Rd.
P.O. Box 229
Wellington, OH 44090
440-647-3318 or 800-589-5789
Fax 440-647-6182
Directions to Clare Mar Camprounds

Ivy Tree Inn & Garden B&B
195 S Professor
Oberlin - 440-774-4510

Melrose Farm B&B
727 Vesta Rd.
Wakeman - 419-929-1867

Oberlin Inn (hotel style place, pretty nice)
7 N Main
Oberlin - 440-775-1111

Hillcrest Apartments (no-tell-motel)
43885 Rt. 18
East of Wellington - 440-647-2769

Sunset Motel
44077 Old Rte. 10
Oberlin - 440-774-1629

There are also a couple of motels at the Ohio turnpike exit at Rte. 10
and I-480.